02 October 2018

Thousands of Regrets

assalamualaikum dan hai..

arini nak share lagu lama yang sadis.
100 kali dengar tatapppp sadiss.

dah 2018 still sukaaa

If only i knew it  
Never will I leave you
But I was confused
remisniscing my past   
Still, I won't forget 
Sweet moments of your touch
The love that you leave behind
It accompany me all the time

Where shall I throw
This endless longing
Though I regret half my life
It won't fade away  
I could still feel your breath  
Softly caress my soul  
Blown away with winds  
Bring along your longing  
But I hardly move  
You are far away ahead  
Me, patiently walk hiding my hope

Half of your love is in  
Another half you've taken away  
We're now departed
God predestined it

cari ikut English memang tak jumpa..
sebab ni lagu melayu..
Alyah - Sesal Separuh Nyawa.
*Youtube video attached
enjoy ya,..
peace ✌


Wanie Masduki said... [Reply To Comment]

mati2 ingat lagu omputih tadi..haha

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